Bank By Phone

Access credit union services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with North Side’s Bank By Phone system (for account balance information, to transfer funds between your savings and checking accounts and loans, or to review account activity).

Bank by Phone Instructions

  1. Call (773) 769-2800
  2. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
  3. Enter your account number and press the # sign.
  4. Enter your access code. (You will be given a temporary passcode when you open your account).
  5. Select your action code. (The action code tells the system what action you would like to take; for example, to check your savings account balance, enter the action code 31. See the complete list of action codes below.)

NOTE: If you have more than one type of savings account or you are trying to transfer funds, you will be asked to enter an “account number” after you enter the action code.  This is not your credit union account number, but rather it is referring to the number that corresponds to the type of account:

00 Savings
12 Holiday Club
75 Share Draft (Checking)

If you have any problems using the bank-by-phone system, call the credit union office at 773-769-5800.

Pressing 99 will provide a listing of all the available action codes.

10 Share to Share
11 Share to Loan

Balance Inquiries
30 Share Draft Checking Balance
31 Share Draft Savings Balance
32 Loan Balance
33 Share Certificate Balance

Check Inquiries
40 Checks Cleared by Date
41 Last Check Deposited
42 Checks Cleared by Number

Deposit and Withdrawal Inquiries
50 Share Draft Deposits
51 Share Savings Deposits
52 Share Savings Withdrawals
53 ATM Debit Transactions
54 ACH Deposits
55 ACH Withdrawals
56 Payroll Deposits

Dividend & Interest Inquiries
60 Year-to-Date Dividends Paid
61 Year-to-Date Loan Interest Paid
63 Prior Year Loan Interest Paid
64 Last Dividend Paid
96 Change Bank by Phone Access Code
97 Inquire On Another Account