What is GAP LP?

The Gender Affirming Procedures Loan Product (GAP LP) package is a dynamic set of products, created to meet the needs of a diverse group of borrowers. Our Mission at North Side Community Federal Credit Union has always been, “To promote the financial well-being of our diverse community by providing affordable services and expanding the availability of alternative financial resources.” Here at North Side, we strongly feel that providing the trans and queer communities with access to our services and developing a loan product package tailored to them is integral to our Mission.

At each level of entry the GAP LP can be used for:

  • Medical Surgeries and Procedures
  • Voice Lessons
  • New Wardrobe
  • To Simply Foster One’s Financial Well-being


Is this product for me?:
This package has been designed in such a way so that even individuals with poor or no credit can engage in free, on site credit counseling.

Depending upon income and qualifications, an entry level borrower may access our Starting Small loan. For those with poor or no credit that have more disposable income, we offer a Build & Save track loan, which helps an individual build their savings and credit score until eventually qualifying for Signature Access loans. For those with good credit and debt to income ratio, one could access a Signature Access Loan. It is further possible to provide support to a community member by sponsoring them for a fully secured loan.

Minimum Loan: $500

Maximum Loan: $10,000

Interest Rates: Maximum of 18%