How do I open an Account?

Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, resides, volunteers, or receives services in  Diversey to the south, Damen to the West, the Lakefront to the east, and Hollywood to the north. Feel free to check our service areaopens in new window to see our boundaries.

Membership is also available to employees and clients of our Selected Employer Groups

Once an individual joins the credit union, any family member is eligible to join. Individuals may remain members for life.

Becoming a member is simple. Stop by the credit union (1011 W. Lawrence Ave) and open a Share Savings Account. All that is necessary is a copy of your current ID, proof of address, a $15 deposit, plus a $5 one time entrance fee.

What kind of loans can I apply if I have bad credit or no credit?

You can apply for a credit builder loan. This loan is based on income and not on credit. Call for more information. Loans based on income are available for up to $1000.00.

Are there any fees for the application of a loan?

Yes, all of our loans applications require a small application fee of $30.

Is there any minimum balance required in the checking or savings account? 

Yes, a minimum balance of $5 will be held in the savings account in order to keep the account open. There is a $100 minimum balance in the savings account to maintain a checking account. Whenever you have a loan, a $75 minimum account balance is required.

What is the routing number?

The routing number is 271081599

Does the member get an ATM card or Debit card with our savings account?

No, members get a free debit card only with their checking account; the debit card is linked only to the checking account. Replacement cards for lost cards are $8.00. However, members can order a prepaid card for $5 and have it reloaded at their convenience at $2 fee per load.

I feel that I qualify to become a member but I am not sure. How I can find out?

In this case, feel free to give us a call at 773-769-5800

Do I need to be a member to get a financial/credit session with a financial counselor?

No, our financial counseling department works independently of North Side Community FCU. However, feel free to call the branch to book at appointment or reserve it online in the link below:

http://northsidecu.wpengine.com/education/credit-counseling/opens in new window

How long I should wait for a personal loan to be process?

Waiting periods for loans can vary based on the size and type of the loan. Our goal is to process all applications within 3 business days, but if the loan application requires additional due diligence or there is information missing, it can take up to 10 business days. Please be patient, we will work to get this processed for you as quickly as possible.

How can the CU help me improve my credit?

Whether you have no credit history, or you just want to improve your score, the CU offers a few options to build credit. A small dollar loan ($1000 or less) does not require a minimum credit score, so it’s a great way to start no matter what your scores are. You can also open a secured credit card. Credit counseling is always free.

What is the CU-Prepaid card number to call 24/7?


What happened is my Debit Card is stolen or lost and the CU is close?

Members can always call 24/7 to 1800-523-4175

What is the phone banking number?

Members can call 24/7 to 773-769-2800