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To promote the financial well-being of our diverse community by providing affordable services and expanding the availability of alternative financial resources.


North Side Community Federal Credit Union will develop the capacity, products, and systems to meet the transaction and lending needs of members while increasing profitability by reducing losses and developing new sources of income.

Annual Report Letter

When North Side Community Federal Credit Union was founded in 1974 as Uptown People’s Federal Credit Union, its founders could not have foreseen all the organization has become today.  The credit union has helped thousands of members refinance out of high-interest debt, improve their credit, and access financial resources they would otherwise have trouble obtaining. A 44-year history is a long time to have an impact that reaches far and wide. Many of the changes that have taken place over the years could not have been anticipated. North Side has outlasted its sponsoring organization, the Uptown Hull House. Technology has advanced well beyond the early days of handwritten general ledgers. We see change within our community boundaries, as the neighborhood of Uptown eliminates more of its much- needed affordable housing and builds high-priced condos and apartments in its place. Some change is good and some are not.

Whenever change happens, growth and adaptation are also required. 2017 was a year of growth for North Side.  One of the major accomplishments of 2017 was the conversion of our data processing systems. Many of our members noticed changes to home banking. We appreciate everyone’s patience during our own growing pains in the 2nd quarter of last year as we learned all the features of the new system. Ultimately, the change allowed us to become more operationally efficient, which will allow us to focus on outreach and impact. We again posted another year of profitability. Even though our profits were small, this is a good sign of movement in the right direction. Our housing department, operating as a team of two, saw over 450 clients for financial education, pre-purchase counseling, and foreclosure prevention.  Because our numbers were so strong, we were able to add a third counselor in early 2018.  North Side has often stretched beyond what is possible for a small credit union because we know the importance of our work to our members.

We are not a traditional credit union. We are a community development financial institution, certified by the US Treasury as a CDFI. However, long before the Treasury launched that specific designation in 1994, we already understood what we stand for. We understand the community is the most important aspect of our work.  We are not always perfect, and we are not always able to compete with large financial institutions in technology and branch access. However, we are committed to the vision that our members will have the opportunity to build a more stable financial future, thereby enabling them to strengthen their own homes, families, and communities in a way that reflects a city that moves toward the commitment to equity. Thank you for your membership and continued support.

Headshot of Sarah Marshall North Side CEO

Sarah Marshall, MBA, CCUE                                                                                                                           

Chief Executive Officer