About North Side

North Side Community Federal Credit Union was founded in 1974. At this time, residents in  Uptown were having trouble accessing loans for home ownership because of a practice called redlining. A group of seven committed women believed people should have equal access to capital, and wanted to provide an alternative and solution. Out of that solution, North Side Community Federal Credit Union was formed.

North Side is still a community development credit union.  This means our credit union has a unique niche of serving people who are not using mainstream financial institutions or who may be experiencing financial challenges. We help our members access the tools they need to build long term financial stability.  North Side has grown to include the communities of Lakeview and Edgewater.  We work closely with organizations that serve their own communities. North Side has experienced it’s share of ups and downs, as many of our members are rocked by economic challenges first.  In 2012 North Side was able to finally realize the founders’ dreams of offering home mortgage loans.  The credit union looks forward to many more years of meeting our members’ needs.

North Side Community Federal Credit Union is certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the US Treasury. We hold a low income service designation from the National Credit Union Administration and are a member of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.

North Side has a social change philosophy, believing that alternative resources can lead to a more economically just community and greater financial stability for our membership. When you join North Side, you join a socially conscious, member owned, cooperative financial institution. Together, we strengthen the local economy.


To promote the financial well-being of our diverse community by providing affordable services and expanding the availability of alternative financial resources.


North Side Community Federal Credit Union will develop the capacity, products and systems to meet the transactional and lending needs of members while increasing profitability by reducing losses and developing new sources of income.